Creative Platform

The creative platform translates the messaging map, with an emphasis on emotion. It communicates not only what we do, but also the attitude with which we do it. It elevates our strengths, inspires our messaging and voice, and identifies what our audiences can expect from us. It inspires the look, feel and tone of communications. Ultimately, the creative platform forms the basis of our brand’s unique identity.

Make Your Missouri Statement

Our platform

When you stand up. When you have the world’s attention. When you have your chance to be heard: What statement will you make?

Will you pursue your passions without losing sight of what’s right? Will you take your place in a bigger world, and be a part of a bigger conversation? At Missouri State University, you will. 

You’ll connect the dots between thinking critically and acting heroically. You’ll thrive in a close-knit community of thousands. And you’ll be better at being heard for knowing how to listen. Giving every idea the thought it deserves. Testing the strength of your convictions. And finding the courage to change your mind. 

So what will it be? How will you be a part of something bigger, and make it something better? After you’ve moved through the halls and along the paths that lead far beyond Missouri State and back again, you’ll know. 

How to inspire dialogue that matters. How to live and lead with integrity. And what it means to make your Missouri Statement.

When people ask you about Missouri State, what do you say?

It’s important for each of us to give a consistent answer. Our response should cover what we do and how it benefits our students at a high level, and should give just enough detail to communicate who we are.

Think of it as a starting place for a deeper conversation about Missouri State. It gives someone an opening to ask for more specifics, but it also offers a general overview of Missouri State without a lot of unnecessary detail. The creative platform is a conversational way to describe what we stand for and how we stand out.