Prospective Undergraduate Students

When crafting your communications to target the best fit prospective undergraduate students, keep in mind their personality traits, as well as the most effective tone for a personalized message. Place emphasis on the total student experience, including the variety of options and opportunities.

Audience overview

Dominant personality traits: pragmatic and optimistic

Energized and motivated. Actively seeking to apply hard work and skill to address society's needs. Reflecting the innate nature of the students of Missouri State.

Content example

Be the role model you always looked for
You've studied hard. You've dreamed of being the first in your family to move forward with a college degree and inspiring others to follow. Now it's time to make the move, and make your Missouri Statement. Show the world the persuasive power of listening. Create a better future for yourself and invite others to join you there. The first step is yours. Take it today. Apply now.

Additional headline examples

  • Are you ready to see the world as it is, and then to make it how it should be?
  • Are you willing to ask questions, and then question the answers?
  • You've spent your whole life studying. Now get ready to learn. Search for better answers and find more ways to make things right.

Quote examples

“I believe any little girl who watched Apollo 13 as many times as I did deserves her shot at a NASA internship.”

Hayley Osman
Major: Physics
Festus, Missouri

“I discovered one person can accomplish more when they inspire many to work together.”

Lindsay Kittrell
Major: Nursing

“Citizen_____” construction examples

  • Citizen stargazer
  • Citizen pioneer
  • Citizen trailblazer
  • Citizen change agent
  • Citizen activist
  • Citizen eye-opener