Transfer Students

Transfer students are interested in different information and experiences than traditional freshmen. Consider their personality traits and build on their accomplishments as a college student. Place emphasis on efficiency and accessibility of our transfer services. And, address resources available for their adjustment to a new and bigger campus.

Audience overview

Dominant personality traits: engaged and tenacious

High-achieving individuals. Fearlessly pursuing new ways to learn, grow and succeed. Representing the drive and commitment to being active contributors to society.

Content example

Are you ready to turn hard work into hard results?
Getting into college was a challenge. And when you could've settled for good enough, or let others ask the hard questions, you dug in, pushed ahead and found the answers. Now you're ready to take your education further. Be a part of a bigger world. Be the person who makes it a better place. Missouri State University is how you'll get there. You've got more to say and do. Apply today and make your Missouri Statement.

Additional headline examples

  • Do you have what it takes to take the world in a better direction?
  • Are you ready to help the world live up to your expectations?
  • Commit to becoming a more persuasive version of the person you've always been.
  • You've learned enough to know what really matters, and what you can do with it.
  • Bring someone around to your point of view simply by listening to them.

Quote examples

“I love how mapping the oldest object we know can help us reach a better future.”

Evan Menke
Major: Geography
Joplin, Missouri

“I found that the only way to learn a culture is by living it firsthand.”

Scott LaCombe
Major: Political Science
Second major: Spanish

"Citizen_____" construction examples

  • Citizen globetrotter
  • Citizen go-getter
  • Citizen reinventor
  • Citizen cultivator
  • Citizen explorer
  • Citizen difference-maker