Alumni and Advancement Messaging Map

Core message

Missouri State University advancement meaningfully connects and engages the talents and resources of alumni and other supporters
In order to make a difference in the university, the community, the world and the next generation of citizen Bears.

Secondary messages

Using their skills to make a positive impact
Reaching out and making meaningful connections
Making a difference in the world around them

Showcasing the people and relationships that reflect the power of MSU

  • Profiles and stories of individual students, faculty and staff
  • Lifelong relationships with individuals still on campus
  • Stories of transformed lives

Evoking pride in affiliation and a sense of connection

  • The university’s growth and momentum
  • A sense of community, both on campus and with the city of Springfield
  • Details that evoke a competitive spirit and sense of rivalry

Connecting meaningfully with donors based on individual interests and passions

  • Targeted, focused content about specific areas of interest, such as music, arts or athletics
  • Program-specific stories, awards and successes
  • News and updates from each college and department

Inspiring nostalgic memories of personal experiences at MSU

  • Enduring campus traditions and reinforcement of salient memories
  • Memorable events and activities
  • Campus landmarks and artifacts