Brand Essence

A memorable brand stands for one essential idea that can be boiled down to a single word. Coca-Cola stands for happiness. GE stands for innovation. Ritz-Carlton stands for service. By this measure, the brand essence of Missouri State brand is inspired action.

Inspired action

Inspired action lives through the tenets of our public affairs mission—cultural competence, community engagement and ethical leadership. Inspired action is the intent behind our brand platform: Make Your Missouri Statement. And inspired action drives our curriculum and inspires our students, faculty and staff.

What it is

  • The simplest expression of the Missouri State University brand.
  • Our brand promise at its most ownable and actionable.

What it isn't

  • A campaign hook or mandatory copy element. 
  • A tagline in the traditional sense. 

How we use it

  • As a shorthand expression of our creative platform.
  • As a gut-check for strategic and creative initiatives.

While inspired action isn’t a phrase we should consciously incorporate in our communications, the idea of inspired action so completely defines our institution, our people and our mission, that it is the essence our brand.