Brand Messaging

Group of students rushing into the Plaster Student Union

Missouri State has a lot to offer. Our brand messaging helps refine the focus to tell the most compelling and differentiating aspects of Missouri State. It showcases the energy of campus. It features our culture and community. And, it expresses that our mission is at the core of everything we do.

The framework outlined in this section provides a common foundation to use when crafting your content. It not only helps set us apart from our peers, but also defines the benefits of a Missouri State education.


Use these guiding principles when targeting and crafting content for Missouri State’s four main audiences.

The pillars of public affairs

Learn how ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement set a Missouri State education apart from all others.

Messaging maps

Adapt key messages to ensure your communications include both what we offer and what your audience gets.

Creative platform

Find inspiration in voice, tone and messaging through our creative platform.

Our positioning

Our positioning statement distills everything that Missouri State stands for into a simple, relatable and repeatable narrative. It captures why we exist.

Brand essence

What phrase would you use to describe Missouri State? Our brand essence concentrates the Missouri State brand into a single phrase: inspired action.