Brand Team

Marketing and Communications

Creative services

Professional expertise in graphic design, writing and editing for print and digital and photography:

  • Coordinates the publication process from concept to delivery.
  • Designs promotional materials including banners, brochures, direct mail and more.
  • Integrates success stories of students, faculty and alumni in print and digital platforms.
  • Maintains brand style guidelines.
  • Photographs events and more by request.
  • Offers online photo ordering of your favorite shots.
  • Hosts free portrait days for faculty and staff each semester.
Veronica Adinegara

Veronica Adinegara

Assistant Director, Creative Services - Design

Michelle S. Rose

Michelle S. Rose

Assistant Director, Creative Services - Editorial

Kevin T. White

Kevin T. White

Assistant Director, Creative Services - Photography

Strategic communication

Lead office for public relations, media relations, social media and digital marketing consultation and services:

  • Manages university public relations and serves as PR consultants.
  • Manages media relations and publicizes university news.
  • Provides guidance and resources for university social media managers.
  • Manages internal communication tools and provides communication training and guidance.
  • Provides social media and digital media advertising and marketing services.
  • Helps plan major university events and manages the university calendar.

Video marketing

The university’s official videography service that:

  • Creates top-level marketing videos.

Web strategy and development

Quality web design and development, management, support and content services for the university websites:

  • Provides ongoing development and enhancement of core templates through Web Press and other platforms for university-wide use.
  • Creates custom features for added functionality as needed.
  • Provides ongoing design and development to home page, top-level websites and key web services like apps, search, calendar and map.
  • Collaborates on content strategy for home page, top level websites, blogs and other academic websites.
  • Oversees hosting and domain names across all university websites.