Campus Community Messaging Map

Core message

Missouri State University creates an environment where meaningful interactions have practical application.
In order to cultivate global citizens, prepared to pursue their chosen paths with integrity.

Secondary messages


An individualized, student-focused educational experience

  • Expert faculty and staff, committed to shaping student leaders
  • Meaningful and lasting student-teacher relationships built on trust and encouragement
  • Opportunities for leadership through student-led extracurricular opportunities
  • A commitment to providing diverse, real-world opportunities to ensure rich learning experiences

A commitment to high-impact learning, encouraging students to take charge of their futures

  • An unrivaled academic curriculum, fueled by a campus community that shares and celebrates the public affairs mission of Missouri State
  • A community committed to providing and striving for excellence academically, personally, and professionally
  • Internship and fellowship programs that are purposefully developed to challenge students
  • Support and encouragement from a passionate community of forward-thinking teachers, learners, and leaders

A dynamic campus and community

  • A culture that celebrates open dialogue, pushing students to go further and pursue their passions
  • A diverse and inclusive student and campus community
  • A commitment to thinking globally, making a positive impact in the state and beyond
  • Hands-on opportunities that provide students with real-world experience in the greater Springfield community

Having a strong sense of personal and professional development

  • A lifelong Missouri State family, committed to continued support and encouragement
  • The ability to choose, create, and pursue the path that best serves each student’s skills and interests
  • Well-rounded individuals who are prepared to lead full, successful lives

Challenged yet supported to think freely and critically

  • The ability to approach obstacles and think through challenges critically, with a grounding in values and ethics
  • Development of the whole person, seamlessly applying knowledge and values to any career path
  • The confidence and motivation to transition into life as ready, able professionals

Driven to think beyond themselves

  • Individuals who are worldly wise and globally responsible
  • The belief that positive change can be created together, when many work as one to address societal issues
  • A mindset of giving back, paying forward what has been invested in them