Crafting Content Devices

While our voice may be singular, we’re by no means locked into a single sentence structure or cadence. The Missouri State brand is built around making a statement (a Missouri Statement, to be exact). This allows for a wide range of creative expression across different media.

Content tactics

Rather than inserting a subject’s role or title in the “Citizen ” construction, look to the results of his/her work or the intent behind it. The result is a more memorable and meaningful expression of the statements we make.

Tactic 1: Pose a provocative question

Challenge the reader to look within, see the world as we see it, and understand how we can make it better, together.


“Are you ready to see the world as it is, and then to make it how it should be?”

Tactic 2: Tell it in our words

We have powerful stories, and the people behind them have a lot to tell the world. Find quotes that make a Missouri Statement. 


“Traveling to conferences to share my findings is showing me how far my work can take us.”

Amelia Chiles
Major: Biology
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Tactic 3: Issue a powerful command

Whether we’re inspiring an internal audience or prospective students, we can make our own powerful Missouri Statements.


Search for better answers and find more ways to make things right.

Tactic 4: Show the citizen within

Communicate the essence of the Missouri State’s public affairs mission with a descriptive handle for our students and graduates.


  • Citizen achiever
  • Citizen visionary
  • Citizen trailblazer