Logo Usage

The Missouri State University logo should be used on all core brand communications and should be easily seen in all applications.

To ensure consistency throughout our suite of logo options, please follow these usage guidelines.

Acceptable logo uses

Op1.03-1 Acceptable Logo Uses

In addition to the acceptable logos shown throughout this site, the variations included below also are approved Missouri State University logos.

The Missouri State University wordmark may be reversed out of a solid color or dropped out of a photograph. When dropped out or reversed, the words Missouri State University may appear in white.

The wordmark and "M" Missouri State logo may be used in one-color applications for merchandise/apparel to create a tone-on-tone effect.

The Bear Head logo may be used on a dark background as shown. When the dark background is black, use the Bear Head logo specifically developed for a black background. The Bear Head logo may never be reversed to white or another color (see unacceptable uses).

A one-color maroon Bear Head logo is acceptable for print applications as well as merchandise/apparel. A one-color black Bear Head logo is only acceptable in print applications.

The "®" symbol must always appear as shown on all Missouri State University marks.

  • Missouri State University wordmark reversed out

  • "M" Missouri State logo used in one-color application

  • Bear Head logo used on dark background

  • Bear Head logo used in one-color application

  • All Missouri State University marks must include the "R" symbol

Unacceptable logo uses

Op1.03-8 Unacceptable Logo Uses

The marks outlined in this document have been created to establish a strong identity for Missouri State University. Only approved variations of the marks may be used. Under no circumstances should the wordmark or any logo be altered or distorted.

It is unacceptable to alter the maroon color of the following: Carrington Hall logo, Bear Head logo, "MSU" logo and the "M" Missouri State logo. These marks must appear as shown in the Logo Variations section (a maroon outline also is acceptable).

For use in one-color print applications, black is acceptable.

While the wordmark and "M" Missouri State logo may be used in one-color applications for merchandise/apparel to create a tone-on-tone effect, applying the logos in all black is not acceptable for apparel.

  • Do not distort the logos.

  • Do not alter or fill the logos.

  • Do not invert the logos.

  • Do not create photo or texture masks with the logos.

  • Do not add outlines to the logos.

  • Do not overlay text onto the logos.

  • Do not create patterns with the logos.

Clear space

Op1.03-2 Clear Space (Logos)

A specific clear space around Missouri State University marks is required. No other graphic element may touch, overlap or be combined with any mark. The clear space requirement is intended to ensure the visibility and impact of University marks.

A minimum clear space around the mark is equal to the height of the capitalized “M” of the Missouri State University wordmark. This applies to the minimum distance from the edge of the page or fold, typography, other logos or graphics.

Web applications

Only the Missouri State University Wordmark, Carrington Hall Logo and Princeton Review Logo are approved for general web use.

The Bear Head,“MSU” with wordmark, “M” Missouri State, and Missouri State University Seal logos may not be used on the web without approval from the editorial and design services or web strategy and development.

The West Plains campus offers wordmark logos customized to its color and features.

If you would like an official logo in a different size or background color, please contact the web strategy and development.

Bear Head Logo use for non-athletic applications

It may be used as a supporting identity element for non-athletic applications, including:

  • Academic and student affairs buildings
  • Student affairs and university advancement websites
  • Student affairs and university advancement print publications
  • Clothing and merchandise

We do not permit the use the Bear Head logo in:

  • Academic unit websites and print publications
  • Administrative office buildings, websites and print publications

The Bear Head logo may be used at various levels of visual hierarchy. This flexibility allows it to take on various tones. Proper consideration should be given to the audience and purpose of the piece.

Despite its flexibility, the Bear Head logo should never be used as a replacement for identifying non-athletic units of the university. It should only be used when the audience has high awareness of the master brand.

Below are three high-level examples, which can be used as starting points for new applications.

Engagement and spirit

This audience includes prospective students, current students and parents of both. It encompasses all retention materials. Think of these pieces as more emotional. Their job is to persuade and excite audiences.

Watermark application
As we introduce ourselves or start initial brand awareness, the Bear Head logo can be used as a supporting background graphic, to underpin our compositions with the spirit of our community.

Academic and professional

This covers graduate-level and faculty audiences. This encompasses communications for school- and university-specific collateral. Think of these pieces as more functional: their job is to inform audiences.

Accent application
As we focus on academic and professional topics, the Bear Head logo should have a more limited role, only used in callouts or for minor compositional hints.

Institutional pride

This audience includes alumni, our community and athletic fans. Use this application for fundraising materials, alumni newsletters and athletic announcements. Think of these pieces as a rallying point. Their job is to build affection and engagement.

Lead application
For heavy emphasis, the Bear Head logo can take a more dominant lead, but only when the audience is well aware of who Missouri State is and what it stands for.