Our Personality

These six personality traits set the tone for our brand communications. They articulate how we want our audiences to think and feel about the brand. Just as each person has a unique personality, so does our brand. And just like a conversation reveals someone’s personality, our voice reveals Missouri State’s.

The traits that guide our voice

Our personality traits provide guidance for how we communicate, with cues for tone, voice and general feel.

When it comes time to tell your stories and reach your audience, you can use our personality traits as a filter to assess your copy and ensure that it’s in voice and on brand.

Pragmatic and optimistic

Energized and motivated. Actively seeking to apply hard work and skill to address society’s needs.Reflecting the innate nature of the students of Missouri State.


Are you telling stories of innovative and resourceful people, who are focused on addressing society’s needs in genuine and practical ways?


Do your subjects express positivity and a forward-looking quality – the attitude necessary to anticipate the best and make it happen?

Engaged and tenacious

High-achieving individuals. Fearlessly pursuing new ways to learn, grow and succeed. Representing the drive and commitment to being active contributors to society.


Are you expressing our natural tendency to go all in, making the extra effort to address any challenge, great or small?


Does an unstoppable drive or an unshakable sense of purpose define your subjects or play a role in your story?

Genuine and grounded

Sincere and values-driven. Rooted in a strong foundation. Speaking to Missouri State’s strong and long-lasting heritage.


Will the reader get a sense of sincerity that comes from a culture of openness and honesty, and a commitment to doing the right thing?


Does your story reflect strong values in action, and a drive that comes from having a clear sense of what truly matters?

Be mindful of traits

Keep these traits in mind when crafting communications. Different traits come through more clearly when speaking to specific audiences, as you will see with the examples provided later in this section.

Subtlety is a virtue

It’s not necessary for your communication to overtly express every single personality trait. Subtlety can be a virtue. However, it is important that your writing ring true to our personality, not clash with it.