Springfield Community and Industry Partners Messaging Map

Core message

Missouri State University creates an environment where meaningful interactions have practical application.
In order to cultivate global citizens, prepared to pursue their chosen paths with integrity.

Secondary messages


An individualized, student-focused educational experience

  • Expert faculty and staff, committed to the success of every student and their ability to enter the workforce
  • A commitment to creating students of character
  • Opportunities for practical experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • An academic experience that emphasizes developing the whole person

A commitment to high-impact learning, encouraging students to take charge of their futures

  • An unrivaled educational experience, balancing a firm and enduring mission with an innovative and relevant academic curriculum
  • Variety of internship and fellowship programs
  • A passionate and steadfast community of learners, seeking an education that will push them to do more
  • Tools and resources that are purposefully developed for students by expert faculty, staff, and community members

A dynamic campus and community

  • A commitment to public affairs
  • A campus community filled with diverse perspectives, voices, and opinions
  • Mutually beneficial opportunities with the surrounding communities
  • An environment committed to civic engagement and hands-on opportunities throughout the region

Having a strong sense of personal and professional development

  • Honest, confident individuals, ready to transition into the workforce as well-rounded professionals
  • Individuals who are willing to step up as leaders in their industries and communities
  • Individuals who are prepared to apply practical steps to professional, personal, and societal issues

Challenged yet supported to think freely and critically

  • The ability to approach obstacles and think through challenges critically, with a grounding in values and ethics
  • The confidence and motivation to bring fresh, relevant ideas to their professions
  • An appreciation for big-picture thinking

Driven to think beyond themselves

  • Globally responsible individuals, applying tools and knowledge to a greater good
  • Individuals of character, guided by morals and principles
  • A continual desire to evolve their thinking, so that they can best address the needs of a changing society