Why We Have a Brand

Group of students in BearWear cheering at a game

Our brand is more than our logo. It’s more than our name, our mascot or our colors. Our brand is comprised of the stories we tell, the photos we choose, the tone of voice we use and the way we represent Missouri State University.

Because only when we define a unique look and feel for our brand, and express it through a brand voice that’s ours alone, can we bring our personality and identity to life.

And when we all speak (and write and design and so on) with one brand voice, we act as one institution, no matter who is communicating for the brand.

Together, we can build a stronger Missouri State, and a clearer, more consistent and more compelling brand.

Our brand statement

Our core value. Why we exist.

This statement is the most concise articulation of what we stand for. And this idea should sit at the center of all our communications, acting as a filter for everything we say and do.

Missouri State University creates an environment where meaningful interactions have practical application in a dynamic and student-focused environment in order to cultivate global citizens, prepared to pursue their chosen path with integrity.

Why use the brand

The principles outlined on this site apply to all of us, and to every communication. And when we practice them consistently, we’ll communicate in a cohesive, approachable way that expresses our point clearly and authentically.

This site is designed to help you make those decisions. It reflects the thoughtful considerations that went into creating the brand and offers guidelines for making it work.