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We’ll help you make your Missouri Statement

A brand is about content, logos, colors, photos and typography, but it’s so much more. These elements come together to make an unmistakable look and feel that people recognize as Missouri State. The brand helps us tell people who we are and why we’re different. Here, you’ll find tools and guidelines to help you understand and use the brand.

Getting started

Learn the principles of our cohesive brand platform – one that celebrates the most compelling and differentiating aspects of Missouri State. This website is designed to help you make visual and verbal decisions to execute our brand platform.

Brand messaging

Be a part of a bigger conversation. Explore the framework of brand messaging that can be used verbatim or tailored to your needs.

Crafting content

It’s more than what you say, it’s how you say it. Consider voice attributes when creating your messaging.

Visual identity

How will you express our visual identity? Find guidance and resources to visually represent Missouri State in ways words alone cannot convey.

Supporting guidelines

Consistency, accuracy and cohesiveness are anchored in our supporting guidelines. Become familiar with the policies and best practices associated with Missouri State marketing and branding efforts.

Brand updates