Supporting Guidelines

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Use "Missouri State University"

Op1.03-9 Use "Missouri State University"

To ensure recognition of Missouri State University beyond the surrounding region, first reference of the university’s name should be "Missouri State University" or "Missouri State." Subsequent references may be "Missouri State," "the university," "the institution" or "MSU."

"Missouri State University" or "Missouri State" is the preferred usage of the university’s name, and should be used in instances such as, but not limited to, answering phones, making speeches or presentations, in print publications and on uniforms.

Non-discrimination statement

Publications, advertisements and websites require the university’s non-discrimination statement. Select the option that addresses your respective audience and communication needs. Exceptions include business cards, notecards, invitations and similar formats with limited space.

Clothing and merchandise

Op1.03-10 Clothing and Merchandise

The Missouri State University system of marks allows for uses in silkscreen printing and embroidery for apparel and merchandise applications.

All Missouri State University-branded merchandise must be obtained from a vendor who has entered into a trademark license agreement with the university. Licensing clearance may be obtained through Learfield Licensing Partners.

For assistance obtaining the correct high-resolution marks, contact the office of editorial and design services.


No colors other than maroon, white and black may be used in the Bear Head logo, and accompanying wordmark, if applicable. The official thread colors are:

  • Madeira Thread #1236
  • Robison-Anton #2376

For embroidery, khaki, beige or tan thread may be used in place of white thread.

To ensure the proper embroidery stitch fill and representation of the Bear Head, a specific set of logos have been developed. Please contact the office of editorial and design services for assistance.


Pantone 505 maroon, white and black may be used in silkscreen printing the Bear Head logo, and accompanying wordmark, if applicable. The light fabric colors of khaki, beige and tan can appear in the white areas of the Bear Head logo.

Silkscreen color variations of the Bear Head must be approved through Learfield Licensing Partners.