Visual Identity

View of the north mall including the Bear statue and Bear Head perimeter banners

Our visual identity represents the Missouri State University brand in ways that words alone cannot express. It’s a system of core elements – our colors, typefaces, graphics and photos – that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that people will immediately recognize as Missouri State.

When you execute our visual identity, you uphold the thoughtful considerations behind each visual decision. This section offers guidance and resources to help you express the Missouri State brand through your communications and works.


Discover how our logo is used

Our logo is integral to the Missouri State brand. To maintain consistency, follow these principles to support optimal brand awareness.


Browse our color palette

We’re proud of our colors and we’ve created a versatile set of color palettes to complement all things maroon and white.


Learn about our curated type family

Our type family is a powerful brand tool that can reflect or expand on the meaning of what’s being communicated. Learn how to effectively use our fonts in your daily works.


Explore our documentary-style photography

Photography visually tells the Missouri State story. Recognize the four types of photography that further the look and feel of our campus community.

Design elements

Identify our variety of graphic tools

Use our graphic tools to bring flexibility and continuity when developing a collection of materials.