Guidelines for External Materials


To avoid infringing on someone else’s copyright, you must ensure any work you publish or share meets one of the following criteria:

  • In the public domain
  • Created and owned by you
  • Being used with permission from the creator/copyright holder
  • Exempted from the permission requirement under principles of “Fair Use”

These rules apply even if your intent is merely non-commercial or educational.

Fair use

Fair use guidelines are only applicable to academic content, as described in Copyright and Fair Use.

Music licensing

The university has music rights through campus BMI and ASCAP licenses. Under those licenses, recordings of musical performances can be posted to university owned and operated websites. However, the ASCAP and BMI campus licenses do not authorize posting music recordings to commercial or other third-party sites such as YouTube, iTunes U, Facebook, etc. They also do not authorize derivative works that include the music.