Guidelines for Missouri State Materials

Commercial licensing

Individuals or organizations outside of the university who wish to use the marks for commercial purposes must first obtain licensing clearance through Learfield Licensing Partners.

Others needing high-resolution marks should contact the editorial and design services.

Registered trademarks

Op1.03-5 Registered Trademarks

The Missouri State University name is a registered trademark and may not be used without consent from the Missouri State University System. The official wordmark, Carrington Hall logo and Bear Head logo also are registered trademarks and must be used according to approved policies.

To ensure protection of its registered rights, the "TM" symbol must appear following the name "Missouri State University" or "Missouri State" when applied to merchandise. Additionally, the "TM" symbol also must appear following the University’s name when used as a title/banner, logo or symbol within electronic/web applications, or printed documents, especially on the front, back and inside cover pages.

The "TM" symbol also must accompany reference to Missouri State University-West Plains and Missouri State University-Mountain Grove.

Use of the official Missouri State University wordmark is encouraged to address each of the conditions listed above and will meet the registered trademark requirements.

Records and directory information

Certain types of information have specific disclosure and publishing guidelines, which are outlined in the Privacy Policy. The Family Education Rights and Policy Act (FERPA) prohibits sharing certain personally identifiable student information and records without permission from the student. For this reason, students should give permission before you post their names or images in connection with their work in a public environment. You should document that permission and keep a record of it.

Image, voice or likeness

In general, permissions or releases are not required for media gathered by the university in public spaces. Permissions or releases may be necessary for any image, voice or likeness that:

  • Constitutes a student’s education record
  • Is going to be used commercially
  • Includes children
  • Involves a healthcare setting
  • Discloses sensitive information about the subject
  • Is protected by law or other requirement

When permissions or releases are required, the publishing unit must obtain consent from each identifiable subject before distribution or publication.

Intellectual property

Per the intellectual property policies, individual creators of scholarship, research, pedagogy, art or literature typically will hold personal copyright ownership. If you intend to share or publish individual work (such as student essays or artwork), you should obtain clear written permission from the individual.

Typically, it should be clear that the individuals retain the copyrights to their work and are merely granting permission for your sharing or publishing. Below is example text that can be used to obtain a release for a student's work:


The undersigned hereby grants Missouri State University permission to copy and distribute my _____________________ assignment (the "work").