Design Elements

Our design elements library is available as Adobe vector PDFs as spot color, RGB and CMYK files. They allow our creative platform to flex and may be utilized to support the needs of various communications.

Foundation bars

Downloadable options of the grounding bars and embody bars are available as Adobe vector PDFs. This set of design elements, three equally sized bars, are to ground compositions or embody compositions. The bars should only appear in the specified colors from our palette, and always remain in groups of three.

  • Grounding bars

  • Embody bars

Download foundation bars

Pride icons

Our pride icons are illustrative accents and should be applied thoughtfully. They are based on our culture and traditions, so use them based on the audience’s familiarity with Missouri State.

  • Sample of the bear pride icon


  • Sample of the founding state pride icon

    Founding state

  • Sample of the  pennant pride icon


  • Sample of the spirit burst pride icon

    Spirit burst

Download pride icons