Introducing Missouri State

Our institution has unique defining traits that set us apart. We want to tell different audiences who we are and what we offer to them. We hope they’ll attend Missouri State or engage with us in other positive ways. These quick overviews describe Missouri State. We hope you will tailor these general points to your audiences using details or accomplishments from your own area or unit.

The basics

This is the most basic description of Missouri State. If you use this statement, also incorporate other elements of the messaging on this page to bring these basic facts to life for your audience.

Missouri State University is a public university system with an enrollment of more than 25,000 students who come from around the state and the world. The main campus is in Springfield, Missouri. There are three other physical campuses, two in Missouri — West Plains and Mountain Grove — and one in Dalian, China.

Reach your audience in 30-seconds

What should people know about us?

Here are some broad, general messages you can use to highlight our defining traits.