Sharing Video

Video is a powerful tool for telling the Missouri State story. We strive to produce high quality video that authentically reflects the energy, engagement and diversity of the Missouri State experience. Our videos should reflect and reinforce our brand by spotlighting our people, our campus and how #CitizenBears are making their Missouri Statement.

Brand strength relies on consistency, so we have complied these assets and guidelines for you to use in your videos.

General videos

University units are encouraged to share and embed these videos as part of their communication strategy.

Video bumpers

Intro bumper (this asset should only be used on long-form video projects or used as part of a community presentation)

Make Your Missouri Statement outro bumper (preferred)

Outro bumper

Video watermark

General video watermark


Music to use in your videos is not provided by the university. The university has music rights through campus BMI and ASCAP licenses. Under those licenses, recordings of musical performances can be posted to university owned and operated websites. However, the ASCAP and BMI campus licenses do not authorize posting music recordings to commercial or other third-party sites such as YouTube, iTunes U, Facebook, etc.

The following are online resources for royalty-free music:

Review copyrighted materials

Video hosting options


Missouri State uses YouTube to host and stream videos. Visit Missouri State’s YouTube channel to see available video content. This services is managed by the office of visual media.

For content produced outside of the Division of Marketing and Communications, we encourage university units to create individual YouTube channels. This specific content can be housed and linked to the respective unit’s website.

iTunes U

Missouri State uses iTunes U for the hosting of iCourses. Visit Missouri State on iTunes U to learn more about this service and how to apply for upload space for your content.

This service is managed by Missouri State Outreach.

Web server and Web Press assets

Small files can be uploaded to your web server or added to your assets folder in Web Press. For large files, use a YouTube channel or other video service.