Showcasing Our Photography

Photography plays an important role in our brand communications because it visually tells our story.

Our documentary-style photography captures the Missouri State culture both inside and outside the classroom. We strive to show authentic interactions with students, faculty and campus life. A balance of authentic portraiture, candid moments and points of impact makes our communications richer and more interesting.

By utilizing MSU brand photography, you will avoid any question of copyright infringement.

Brand imagery

A variety of styles make up our brand imagery. Rights-free images are available for non-commercial and news media use. Other imagery may be available by contacting the office of visual media.

To ensure permission is provided by members of the campus community, a completed likeness release is required when taking photographs on campus.


Portrait photos should have an authenticity that comes from real emotion—not everyone has to have a toothy grin. So ensure that these shots always feel natural and not staged.

Our portraiture can range from lighthearted and warm — which captures the spirit of our Missouri State community — to serious and academic, with more stoic faces. It's important to maintain this balance in communications.


This action-oriented style of photography gives a glimpse into what it's like to be a Missouri State student, both inside and outside of the classroom.

"Statement" photographs document peer-to-peer collaborations, along with faculty and student interaction. Balance these group shots with individuals who are engaged in their activity or area of study.

Our students should be captured learning and developing their skills, being mentored by faculty and becoming leaders. And remember, it's important to show a diverse mix of students in an accepting and supportive environment.

Candid and environment

The vibrancy, community and architecture of the Missouri State campus is something to show off, and these images paint the picture of what our campus community looks like.

Stories of our students, faculty, alumni and donors take place everywhere, from the classroom out into the world. Efforts should be made to photograph these individuals in their natural environment, to further connect to the story and show the range and impact MSU has on the world.

Pepper sense-of-place shots throughout communications in a way that help the layout breathe. When capturing these images, make sure the scene is well-lit and warm.

Alumni- and donor-submitted

Photography supplied by our many alumni and donors helps tell the stories of MSU Bears in the world. Their tales of success, celebration and hard work illustrate the many ways MSU impacts our local and global communities.

  • Alumni at a golfing event
  • Alumni members
  • MSU graduate in front of the MSU bear statue
  • Alumni group photo at an alumni event


Black-and-white photos, and occasionally linear bitmap duotones, can be incorporated into communications at a tertiary level, if they're used to help illustrate a focused topical moment or individual. For example, if a student is being spotlighted for an achievement or contribution, their portraiture could be tinted to add visual emphasis and separation from our full color library.

This photo effect can be achieved by creating a halftone bitmap at a 45-degree angle, using Missouri State Maroon.

  • President Clif Smart accent image
  • Close up of President Clif Smart accent image