Brand Strategy

Defining our Brand Strategy

Learn the principles of our cohesive brand platform – one that celebrates the most compelling and differentiating aspects of Missouri State.

This website is designed to help you make visual and verbal decisions to execute our brand platform.

Brand messaging

Our brand messaging helps refine the focus to tell the most compelling and differentiating stories. It showcases the energy of campus. It features our culture and community. And, it expresses that our mission is at the core of everything we do.

Employ these foundation elements when crafting your content.


Knowing and serving your audience

Use these guiding principles when targeting and crafting content for Missouri State’s four main audiences.

Public affairs

Championing public affairs

Our mission in public affairs defines the benefits of a Missouri State education. Explore how ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement can strengthen your messages.

Writing tools

Using writing tools

Adapt key messages to ensure your communications include both what we offer and what your audience gets.


Finding inspiration

Our creative platform will help inspire the look, feel and tone of your communications.

Crafting content

Our message is what we say. Our voice is how we say it.

Together, a compelling message and a consistent voice will make the Missouri State story resonate with readers and set us apart from our peers.

Personality Traits

Embracing our personality

Just as each person has a unique personality, so does our brand. Our personality traits set the tone for our brand communications.


Finding our voice

Our brand voice is more than what we say, it’s how we say it. Our voice brings our personality to life and becomes one of the primary ways our audiences connect with our brand.


Mastering content tactics

Discover a range of tactics that will help you flex your communications efforts across audiences and platforms.

Story writing

Telling our story

Ensure your stories are authentic, interesting and consistent. Use these tips to connect with your audience and tell Missouri State’s story in a relevant and powerful way.

Web content

Tailoring web content

Online readers usually come to the web looking for answers. The quicker they find the information on your page, the better the chance of them taking action. Use these best practices to ensure your readers have a positive experience.

Social media

Creating social media content

Engage with your audiences using the most effective tools and creating the most compelling content by following these guidelines.

Best practices

Following brand writing standards

Have you ever thought about why people will (or won’t!) read content from businesses or organizations? If you create content for Missouri State, follow these best practices to ensure your text is read.

Style guide

Observing our Editorial Style Guide

Consistency and accuracy are key to supporting Missouri State’s brand. Follow these writing and editorial best practices to bring a cohesive approach to your written communications.

Visual identity

Our visual identity represents the Missouri State University brand in ways that words alone cannot express. It’s a system of core elements – our colors, typefaces, graphics and photos – that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that people will immediately recognize as Missouri State.

When you execute our visual identity, you uphold the thoughtful considerations behind each visual decision. This section offers guidance and resources to help you express the Missouri State brand through your communications and works.


Accessing university logos

To maintain consistency of Missouri State’s logos, follow the guidelines in this section. New logos that do not align with the brand will not be approved for development. A login is required to access Missouri State University logos.


Highlighting our colors

Our maroon and white spirit leads our colors. Learn about the other hues that complete our color palette.


Using our typography

Our suite of fonts offers flexibility, while maintaining consistency. Learn which fonts to use in your daily works and how to access licensed fonts for creative works.

Design elements

Accessing design elements

Access these graphic tools to create unique designs within brand.


Showcasing our photography

Our photo galleries offer a rich resource to visually tell the Missouri State story. Access these images for your communications or request new images through the Visual Media office.


Sharing video

Whether creating your own or contracting for videography services, use these video resources and guidelines to ensure your works stay on brand and follow copyright laws.