Using Writing Tools

Messaging maps are framework tools to help organize the key messages in support of the positioning and ensures that we communicate both what our programs offer (the attributes) and what our constituents get (the benefits).

What is an attribute?

An attribute is what we offer to our constituents. Attributes include the products, services, knowledge and unique offers that we bring to the table.

What is a benefit?

A benefit is what students, faculty, staff and others get. It's the value of the attributes that we offer: the answer to the questions "So what?" or "Why do we care?"

What is attribute and benefit mapping?

The attributes and benefits are organized into a hierarchy that builds up to a core attribute and a core benefit. These are placed on a map to show the relationships between the core attribute, core benefit and supporting proof points. The map provides the foundation for clear, consistent and compelling brand messaging.

Core message: Attributes (what we offer, the give) and benefits (why it matters, the get), each followed by secondary messages and supporting points

Audience-specific messaging maps