Brand Toolkit

Templates and tools for the MSU look

Use these graphics and resources for print, social media, video, email, letters, presentations and more to infuse the Missouri State brand into your daily activities.

Missouri State University logos

Missouri State University logos represent us at the very highest level and are vitally important to our brand. Consistent and proper use of logos not only strengthen recognition for Missouri State University, but also project the university’s established reputation.

To maintain this consistency, follow the guidelines in this section. New logos that do not align with the brand will not be approved for development.

Accessing university logos
Adhering to logo policies and guidelines

Content and writing

Missouri State has a lot to offer. Our brand messaging helps tell the most compelling and differentiating aspects of Missouri State. It showcases the energy of campus. It features our culture and community. And, it expresses that our mission is at the core of everything we do.

Introducing Missouri State
Writing to Brand standards
Following the Editorial Style Guide

Visual identity

Our visual identity represents the Missouri State University brand in ways that words alone cannot express. It’s a system of core elements – our colors, typefaces, graphics and photos – that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that people will immediately recognize as Missouri State.

When you execute our visual identity, you uphold the thoughtful considerations behind each visual decision. This section offers guidance and resources to help you express the Missouri State brand through your communications and works.

Accessing university logos
Highlighting our colors
Using our typography
Accessing design elements
Showcasing our photography
Sharing video