Our alumni family120,000 strong and growingreaches every corner of the globe. They run companies, lead the military, educate future citizens, permeate the health care industry and dazzle the big screen. They are prepared for traditional professions and forging new career paths everyday. Embody the tone that resonates best with the alumni personality traits.

Audience overview

Dominant personality traits: genuine and grounded

Content example


Rise up and raise up our Missouri Statement.

Remember your first mentor? The person who believed you could do anything you set your mind to? Be that for the next MSU student.

Additional headline examples

  • It was on this campus you found your voice. Now, help us make our Missouri Statement heard, loud and clear.
  • State your legacy. What will your impact be for the next generation of Bears?
  • Listening is what we do best. It’s how we change our world.