Office Collateral

Our office collateral follows university policy and includes a number of materials to support your unit’s identity.

Stationery package

Official stationery and business cards must be ordered through printing services. PDF and Microsoft Word templates are available for digital communication.


Official letterhead is printed on university watermarked paper. To ensure a strong visual identity, our letterhead includes the following elements:

  • Unit name
  • Mailing address
  • Unit telephone, TTY number and fax number
  • Unit web address (if applicable)
  • Unit email address
  • Non-discrimination statement
  • Secondary logo (if applicable)

Academic and non-athletics units are to utilize the Carrington Hall stationery package, while intercollegiate athletics programs, as well as its individual men’s and women’s teams, use the Bear Head logo stationery.

  • Sample of Carrington Hall letterhead

    Carrington Hall letterhead

  • Sample of Bear Head letterhead

    Bear Head letterhead


The Carrington Hall or Bear Head logo, along with the respective unit name and return address, will appear in the upper left corner.

External correspondence

Printing services will assist in producing envelopes in varying sizes and formats, including business envelopes, window envelopes and oversized envelopes using the established designs.

  • The unit account bar code is required in the lower left corner of all envelopes (excluding invitations).
  • Individual names and secondary logos are not permitted.
  • A minimum order of 500 is required.

Internal correspondence

To be good stewards of our resources, please use existing campus mail envelopes. Properly addressed internal correspondence may be sent without an envelope.

  • Sample of Carrington Hall envelope

    Carrington Hall envelope

  • Sample of Bear Head envelope

    Bear Head envelope

Business cards

Business cards with the Carrington Hall or Bear Head logo are available to the campus community and should follow the style of the unit stationery. Please note there is a maximum of seven lines. The maximum line length is 42 characters for your name and 55 characters for other details.

Compliance to the following guidelines ensures a cohesive identity:

  • Your name

  • Your primary title (if more than one or exceeds maximum character/line length)

  • Unit name (must be primary reporting unit)

  • Official campus address (or official off-campus mailing address)

  • Unit phone number and fax number

    • Space permitting, options may include:

      • Cell phone number

      • Home phone number

      • TTY number

      • Toll free number

  • Your university email address and/or unit web address, space permitting 

Printing on the reverse side of a business card is permitted and may include secondary titles or unit names, supporting contact information, program offerings, appointment scheduling and other university related information.

A minimum order of 250 is required.

  • Sample of Carrington Hall business card

    Carrington Hall business card

  • Sample of Bear Head business card

    Bear Head business card

  • Sample of reverse side of business card

    Reverse side of business card

Note cards

Printing services offers a number of note card options for purchase in packages of 25, including a corresponding blank envelope. Each note card features our marks with a blank interior.

You may work with printing services to personalize note cards with your unit's name.

  • Sample Carrington Hall note card

    Carrington Hall note card

  • Sample Bear Head note card

    Bear Head note card

  • Sample of Make your Missouri Statement mark note card with maroon fill

    Make your Missouri Statement note card with maroon fill

  • Sample of Make your Missouri Statement mark note card with maroon outline

    Make your Missouri Statement note card with maroon outline

  • Sample of Personalized Make your Missouri Statement mark note card with maroon fill

    Personalized Make your Missouri Statement note card with maroon fill

  • Sample of Personalized Make your Missouri Statement mark note card with maroon outline

    Personalized Make your Missouri Statement note card with maroon outline

Order note cards from printing services

Digital stationery

Supplement your unit’s official stationery package with this suite of customizable templates.

Digital letterhead

PDF and Adobe InDesign versions of the university’s letterhead are available. Please see the electronic letterhead guidelines for margin and layout recommendations. The downloadable letterhead may be customized to address your unit’s needs.

  • Sample of Carrington digital letterhead

    Carrington Hall digital letterhead

  • Sample of Bear head digital letterhead

    Bear Head digital letterhead

Download digital letterhead templates

Fax cover sheet

Customize a PDF or Adobe InDesign fax cover sheet with your unit’s details for a unified approach to correspondence.

  • Sample of Carrington Hall fax cover sheet

    Carrington Hall fax cover sheet

  • Sample of Bear Head fax cover sheet

    Bear Head fax cover sheet

Download fax cover sheet templates

Office memorandum

Utilize these office memo templates for internal correspondence. PDF and Adobe InDesign options are available.

  • Sample of Carrington Hall memo

    Carrington Hall digital memo

  • Sample of Bear Head memo

    Bear Head digital memo

Download office memo templates

Name badges

Utilize these name badge templates in Word format following the style of your unit’s stationery package.

  • Sample of wordmark name badge

    Wordmark name badge

  • Sample of Carrington Hall name badge

    Carrington Hall name badge

  • Sample of Bear Head name badge

    Bear Head name badge

Download name badge templates